Visiting Fellows

The Center contributes to academic life on campus by hosting one or more Visiting Fellows each year. Visiting Fellows typically deliver a seminar on some aspect of collaborative governance and/or natural resource policy, provide a written outline of their seminar, and meet with and advise students. Current and former Visiting Fellows include:

  • Paul Larmer, High Country News (2009)
  • Ken Snyder, PlaceMatters (2008)
  • John Freemuth, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Boise State University (2006)
  • Robert Keiter, Professor of Law, The University of Utah (2006)
  • Martin Nie, Professor of Natural Resources Policy, The University of Montana (2006)
  • Sandy Hodge, Professor of Citizen Participation, The University of Missouri (2005)
  • Larry Susskind, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2005)
  • Rich Moy, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (2005)
  • Desmond Connor, Professor of Citizen Participation, Simon Fraser University (2005)
  • Ed Weber, Professor of Political Science, Washington State University (2004)
  • Pat Field, Vice President, Consensus Building Institute (2003)
  • Sarah Bates, Natural Resources Law and Policy Consultant (2003)