Free WiFi Anywhere You Go

Ways How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere You Go. Security Issues

From social media to business operations, everything goes on round the clock. That is why one cannot even afford to stay disconnected from the internet even for a minute. With the increasing dependence on the internet, having WiFi connectivity on the go has become a requisite now. However, despite the intense need for uninterrupted connectivity, we have not yet succeeded in its adequate provision. In fact, this particular domain still needs more attention.

Although we now have wireless facilities available at public spots, it remains a problem to connect to such WiFis due to the increasing cyber threats. Certainly, if you can’t connect to VPN on public WiFi, then it is better to avoid connecting directly to an open network.

However, there is yet another way to find somewhat secure WiFi connections regardless of where you are. This method involves the use of specific apps that scan around to find the available WiFis.

Below is a quick list of such apps that would help you.

1. WiFi Map:

This is one of the most useful apps that let you get free WiFi no matter where you go. The app features more than 100 million hotspots in its worldwide database. Apart from the WiFi connectivity, the app also offers other relevant option such as tips, passwords, map navigation. In case you need any assistance, feel free to contact the customer support. WiFi Map works well with both iOS and Android.

2. Instabridge

Another great app that crowdsources surrounding hotspots to provide you with seamless WiFi connectivity is Instabridge. This app lets you connect with the hotspots of your friends, such as Facebook friends, or to the public ones. This app boasts over a million updated hotspots and WiFi passwords supporting connections. Whether you are in a coffee shop, a hotel, or are simply roaming on the streets, this free app lets you stay online without hassle.

3. Fon

Featuring more than 20 million hotspots, Fon is a huge WiFi app with global coverage. The app works by turning residential routers into hotspots, thus promoting a network of connectivity. To support this app, you can buy a dedicated Fonera router which splits your bandwidth into two chunks. While the major chunk remains reserved for your usage, the other minor part is dedicated to serving the Fon users nearby.

4. Free Zone

Free Zone is a dedicated Android app that lets you discover nearby WiFi hotspots and provides you access to the passwords shared by others. This app features roughly 5 million hotspots and notifies you as soon as it detects a known hotspot nearby.